Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mihir's blog post

    Mrs. G provided a phenomenal introduction to space, focusing on the moon this week.

    The moon has numerous craters that are created by the asteroids that have crashed into the moon. She told us stay tuned for some incredible facts about the rest of our solar system,as we complete our journey through our enormous outer space.

    As of yet, scientists have been unable to discover any other life forms, such as ours, or any other planet, but I have hope that as we continue to explore, we will likely find evidence of life in outer space after all.

    I look forward to learning about the rest of the planets in our solar system!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Student of the week: Parker writing on literature circles.... leave him a comment

Hi, My name is Parker and I am the guest blogger this week. I will be talking about something we started this week. It is called literature circles. We had 5  books and had  to chose our top 3. She tried to get us into our number 1 book. I got the book Bunnicula. The other books were Sarah, Plain, and Tall, The Chocolate Touch,and Stuart Little.  

We are doing 3 jobs like prediction professor, questioner, and word wizard. Questioner makes questions they have about the book, word wizard looks up words in the dictionary that they did not understand in the book, and prediction professor  stops in the book to try to predict what will happen.

I hope you enjoyed my blog entry! BYE!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Biome day!

 Check out the post-its notes with writing about what we learned during our biome unit.
 A book about our last biome.

Biome vocabulary in groups

Biome animal sort with animal crackers. Students had to place their animal cracker into the correct biome. Students then were able to eat their crackers afterwards.

Here are some samples of the animal biome writing from homework last week

Our fraction poster

Writing in our social studies journal about natural resources 

Being a scout: Catching students with good behaviors and passing them stickers 

Making golden tickets from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We read this book about economics. Alexander was trying to save his money but kept spending. We talked about economic choices. 

Author Skype: Amy Dyckman

 Amy Dyckman skyped us all the way from New Jersey. She is the author of "Boy and Bot" and "Tea Party Rules". We have read "Tea Party Rules" and soon will read " Boy and Bot".  She was so fabulous and passionate about writing. She encouraged student to write and draw pictures on any topic they were interested in. She said maybe one day they will become authors and work with her! Check out these book trailers if you want to know what these books are about.:

We are choosing our literature circle books. Ask what book your child is going to read. We are so excited to be starting literature circles where students can read together in groups and work on meta-cognition strategies. 

We started our school wide run. Students will be walking/running  every Wednesday for about twenty minutes. After a student get twenty laps, they will get a charm. We enjoyed getting fit and listening to music!! I am going to join them next time in running/walking =)

Oil in the Wetlands

Students are trying to take oil out of the buckets. They are practicing being "scientists" by having to take oil out of a wetland or ocean after an oil spill. Students learned how messy and hard it is to get the oil out. They had to strategize and work together to figure out how to remove the oil. Students were using the tools to get the oil out but it was a slow process. Ask them about this experience and what oil does to the wildlife and the environment around it. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Student blogger for March 3rd: Marek

Marek's blog: take a look and leave a comment for him.
He offers some good advice...

Have you ever tried trying out for a sport? Well first of all don’t be nervous. Don’t give up even If you are not trying. Be a good sport by helping people up if they fall. Play hard if you want to make the team. Then once you get to know the  coaches then just play hard.

Remember Never ever get nervous.
Play really hard and practice to get better.